World Soil Day

World Soil Day has been marked each year on December 5 since its establishment in 2013 at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Conference held in Rome. Every year a theme is being marked, seeking to highlight the impact of soil on our lives. This year’s World Soil Day is marked under the motto: “Stop soil salinization, increase soil productivity.” The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and addressing growing challenges related to soil management, combating soil salinization, raising soil awareness and encouraging societies to improve soil health.

– The aim of marking the Soil Day is also to encourage governments, organizations, communities and people around the world to actively start combatting soil loss through salinization and sodification as one of the main processes of soil degradation that threaten ecosystems and globally adversely affect agricultural production, food safety and sustainability in arid regions. Through our activities, our efforts at the Federal Institute of Agropedology are aimed at contributing to the protection of agricultural land, in order to mitigate the consequences of these negative processes and preserve its quality – said the Director of the Federal Institute of Agropedology Dženan Vukotić.

By marking the World Soil Day, the importance of sustainable soil management for the production of food, raw materials and energy, as well as the preservation of ecosystems and adaptation to climate change is emphasized. Soil is our core but limited resource, endangered by degradation processes and poor management. By raising awareness of the vital roles of soil, it is possible to stop negative trends to ensure soil productivity in line with the growing needs of the population. Each year, World Soil Day is dedicated to a different theme that highlights the impact of soil on our lives.