Working with Civil Society to Promote Sustainable Energy: Sustainable Electricity Use and Integrated Markets

The energy sector in many Western Balkans countries faces challenges due to years of underinvestment and slow progress in the implementation of reforms resulting in high carbon-intensity, low energy efficiency, and a high level of energy losses. The Western Balkans countries are taking steps to assist the development of a regional integrated electricity market based on their commitments under the Energy Community Treaty. Furthermore, a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Western Balkans Six (WB6) countries in 2016, outlines their commitment to comprehensive regional electricity market integration and to improving the security of supply in the WB6. In addition, WB6 countries signed the Sustainability Charter (Paris, July 2016) to pursue transition towards a low-carbon and sustainable energy sector, where one of the priority areas is to improve energy efficiency governance. Commitments need to be accompanied by appropriate implementation plans at the national level to harmonise the electricity sector with European Union (EU) directives and advance the connectivity agenda.


Overall objective of the project is to increase the awareness of the public about the benefits and functioning of smart metering technology and to promote sustainable energy practices.


Specific objectives:

  • Strengthen the capacities of CSOs in BiH and the region in their active participation in achieving the overall objectives of the project, i.e. raising public awareness on the benefits and functioning of smart metering technology, rational electricity consumption practices and about sustainable energy issues in general, as well as, where appropriate, the objectives and envisaged measures of the associated investment projects.
  • Strengthen the capacity of CSOs in BiH and the region by transferring skills (technical knowledge, communication, outreach and policy advocacy skills) to the civil society sector to enable CSOs to effectively reach out to target citizen groups in order to raise awareness, to promote behavioural changes in terms of rational electricity consumption, and to conduct advocacy for more effective development and implementation of relevant legislations.

Project activities:

  • CSO capacity enhancement programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina and three WB countries
  • Awareness Raising and Advocacy Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina and three WB countries
  • Develop a policy paper and assist the Selected CSOs in its dissemination in Bosnia and Herzegovina and three WB countries
  • Grant progremme to assist each Selected CSO in the development and implementation of 6 awareness raising workshops/events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and three WB countries


Project results:

CSOs increased their technical knowledge, institutional and training capacity, as well as communication and advocacy skills, in order to reach out more effectively to electricity consumers and to the wider public and to conduct advocacy activities. Consequently, public awareness will be raised about sustainable electricity, including in the framework of the EBRD’s investment projects and their envisaged results.

Project duration: 36 months (January 2018-January 2021)

Overall project value: 247.000,00 EUR

Coordinator: REC – Resource Environmental Center

Source of funding / Donor: EBRD – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development