Waste management is a very complex process that includes all branches of economy, production, and consumption, and involves a whole set of procedures and technologies, many of which many are applied in different forms. Waste has been the number one problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activities of this program area are conducted considering the specific conditions and needs of each user. REC aspires to contribute to creating the society based on prevention, reuse, and sustainable management of waste. Reducing waste generation is our top priority in terms of waste management, given that this is the way to preserve resources and reduce environmental pressure, and therefore, it is one of REC’s main focuses of activity. The Waste Management program aims to develop innovative approaches and effective strategies for preventing waste generation. The program activities aim to improve waste management in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the purpose of reducing the damage to the environment by reusing, recycling and composting of waste and improving the quality of service for citizens by providing fairer fees for waste collection.

The following are the core activities conducted within the Waste Management program:

  • Providing support in alignment of national with the EU waste management policy;
  • Reviewing institutional matters and providing support for capacity building, and strengthening and implementation of legal and regulatory framework;
  • Stimulating the application of strategic approaches and processes targeting the sustainable use of resources;
  • Promoting new technologies;
  • Researches and expert analyses;
  • Developing strategic waste management documents, plans, policies;
  • Education, outreach and raising awareness using media and public campaigns;
  • Encouraging, designing and improving mechanisms to mitigate the consequences of climate change in relation to waste management;
  • Providing support to strengthening the knowledge base and capacity building for the development of green infrastructure generating ecological and socio-economic benefits through better waste management activities.