Our third training on “INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION” was held in Sarajevo on 24 June 2021. This was the third in a series of training within the “AIRQ – Strengthening the role of civil society organizations in promoting democratic principles and procedures related to SEA/EIA and environmental protection”.



The aim of the training organized by REC was to strengthen the capacities of the environmental civil society organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the importance of journalistic research regarding environmental protection, on the effective ways of research and gathering information to achieve their missions in the environmental protection.


Environmental journalism, which deals with the impact of human activities on the environment with the aim of raising environmental protection awareness, is becoming increasingly important worldwide, and our country as well. The Center for Investigative Journalism has covered some of the topics, including: building small hydropower plants and the local population’s struggle against the construction of mini hydropower plants, protests against illegal landfills, protected areas, deforestation, illegal gravel pits, air pollution, etc. Many of these stories include elements of crime.


Independent research stories done at own initiative on environmental pollution and its impact on human health are rare, however, some of them are hosted by Sanela Habeš and the BH Radio1.


We are proud to have met professional journalists/researchers who shared their experiences with civil society organizations for the purpose of improving communication, networking, and launching new activities with the aim of enhancing environmental protection in BiH.