Seedling Distribution Promotional Campaign Held within AIRQ project

As part of our “AIRQ – Strengthening the role of civil society organizations in promoting democratic principles and procedures related to EIA/SEA and environmental protection” promotional campaign, on the Wilson Promenade (Vilsonovo šetalište) in Sarajevo last Friday we hung out with our fellow citizens and shared seedlings.


On that occasion, large quantities of seedlings, decorative plants, and ornamental flowers, intended for gardens and homes, were distributed. Our info table set up on Wilson’s Promenade attracted the attention of fellow citizens, who reacted positively to the initiative, expressing their interest in being informed about the event and our activities, as well as the willingness to improve the environment they live in, be it an office, residential space or a garden.


REC info table was the place to meet, talk, exchange ideas and advice, place of gathering of those who share equal dedication to nature and environment.


We were reminded of why it is important to take care of the environment, of what we get in return, and we showed that caring for the neighborhood and togetherness are the foundation of the values we build. Some of the positive reactions, mainly from female population, were that “this was the most incredible event in many years”. They shared the joy of giving as an avalanche of mutual support. As part of the action, over 150 seedlings of various types of ornamental plants and potted flowers were distributed.