Local Environmental Action Plan for Municipality Hadžići

Bearing in mind that all municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina faces serious environmental problems that affect the daily lives of the population, solving environmental problems requires a systematic approach and intensive cooperation and exchange of information between stakeholders in the area. As the best answer to the complexity of environmental protection, a method of solving environmental problems has been developed through the development and implementation of local environmental action plans (LEAPs).

LEAP, as an appropriate development program for municipalities, helps local government representatives to focus on activities and efforts that lead to the improvement of the current situation in the field of environment. The development and implementation of LEAP has been recognized as a process that strengthen the capacity of local authorities, the business sector and other stakeholders to consider and solve environmental problems, and increase their capacitis for medium and long-term financial planning. Finally, a clearly defined environmental strategy creates the basis for attracting funding.


The project aims in giving support in development an appropriate development program (LEAP document) for Municipality Hadžići, as the basic document of long-term sustainable development vision of municipalities that should provide concrete short-term and long-term actions in order to improve the state of environment in the municipalitie.


Overall objective of the project is  to prepare a LEAP document for Municipality Hadžići. To achieve this goal project activities includes building partnerships between different stakeholders (municipal authorities, businesses, public companies, educational and health institutions, NGOs and the general public), their cooperation in setting priorities and solving environmental problems, as well as improving transparency and quality in the environmental decision-making process.


Specific objectives:

  • To define the most important natural resources in sense of long-term economic development in the municipality.
  • Capacity building of local authorities for environmental issues management.
  • To include environmental policy protection in policies of all other sectors.
  • To increase public awareness about values of environment and natural resources.
  • To increase public participation in solving of environmental problems.
  • To establish the base for linking to similar programmes of bigger or smaller administrative political communities.
  • To create organizational precondition for efficient work on improvement and environmental protection, as important segment of sustainable development of certain area.
  • To improve transparency and quality of environmental decision-making.


Project activities:

  • Establishment of the organizational structure (project team) for LEAP development
  • Organizing of Promotional meeting
  • Organizing of 1. workshop on process of LEAP development
  • Assessment of the state of the environment
  • Conducting of public survey in the area of the Municipality
  • Creation of Community vision
  • Defining the list of environmental problems and organizing of 2. workshop
  • Ranking environmental problems, setting the list of environmental priorities and organizing of 3. workshop
  • Development of the action plan and organizing of 4. workshop
  • Preparation of the draft LEAP document
  • Preparation of the final version and adoption of LEAP document.


Project results:

Prepared and adopted LEAP document of Municipality Hadžići, as a basic document for the vision and long-term sustainable development that should provide concrete short-term and long-term activities to improve the environment in terms of institutional reforms and in terms of recognizing and defining basic fundamental guidelines and goals for long-term environmental management.


Project duration: 12 months (December 2018-December 2019)

Overall project value: 18.000,00 KM

Coordinator: REC – Resource Environmental Center

Source of funding / Donor: Municipality Hadžići