We produce online resources and toolkits to build the capacities of stakeholders, from children and teachers to CSOs and policy makers.

Air Pack

The Air Pack is a resource toolkit aimed at helping teachers to prepare and deliver lessons on indoor air quality problems in schools. The toolkit is based on the results of two phases of the SEARCH initiative (School Environment and Respiratory Health of Children). 

Green Pack

The Green Pack is a multimedia environmental education kit for use in teaching children aged between 11 and 15 about environmental protection and sustainable development.

Green Pack Junior

This junior version of the Green Pack tool provides teachers of children aged between 7 and 10 with simple, accessible materials that they can use to explain the concept of sustainable development.

Green Steps

Aimed at raising public awareness about sustainable lifestyles, citizens’ environmental rights, and changes that individuals can make in their everyday lives to contribute to sustainable development, Green Steps contains valuable information for civil society organisations, educators, students and families.

Low-Carbon Indicators Toolkit

This online resource, developed under the Regions for Sustainable Change (RSC) project, is a complex and comprehensive tool for stakeholders from European regions who need to work with low-carbon indicators in the policy-making process.

Organisational Viability Toolkit

Developed in the framework of the programme “Supporting Environmental Civil Society Organisations in South Eastern Europe” (SECTOR), the toolkit enables environmental groups to assess their organisational performance and enhance their capacity