Development of the Blidinje Nature Park Management Plan

According to Article 3 of the Law on Nature Protection (Official Gazette of the FBIH, No. 66/13), the objectives of nature protection are, inter alia, to determine the state and ensure monitoring of the state of natural values and to provide the nature protection system in order to permanently preserve their properties on the basis of which they are declared protected. In line with this Law, public companies and public institutions managing protected areas are in charge of the protection, maintenance and promotion of protected areas and other protected natural values with the purpose of protecting and preserving nature, ensuring uninterrupted natural processes and sustainable use of natural resources, and to monitor that the conditions are met and the nature protection measures are implemented in the area of their responsibility. Public companies and public institutions in charge of managing THE protected areas also monitor the appropriate method of carrying permitted activities, in order to ensure the rational and sustainable use of natural resources. Furthermore, the same Law provides for the management of protected areas to be carried out on the basis of a management plan.


Overall objective of the project is to develop a Blidinje Nature Park Management Plan that will provide a long-term vision and strategic guidelines for the management and administration of the Blidinje Nature Park. The plan aims to set methods and offer mechanisms for creating a long-term system of biodiversity and landscape protection, and moreover, to offer a nature park management system that is in line with the principles of sustainable use of natural, cultural and other resources.


Specific objectives:

  • Involving public in document drafting
  • Strengthening cooperation with the non-governmental sector and involving them in the Plan development


Project activities:

  • Preparatory activities,
  • Establishment of project implementation structure,
  • Reviewing and analysis of current situation,
  • Analysis and evaluation of the implementation of measures and activities from the previous management plan,
  • Defining issues, constraints and threats, and finding possible solutions for improved management of protected values,
  • Drafting of the Blidinje Nature Park management plan with a vision, strategic commitments, strategic goals and action plan,
  • Organizing public consultations,
  • Revision of the draft and development of the final management plan,
  • Approving final management plan


Project outcomes:

  • A new 10-year Blidinje Nature Park Management Plan has been developed.


Project duration: 16 months (August 2018 – December 2019)

Overall project value: 60,000.00 BAM

Coordinator: Public Company Blidinje Nature Park

Project partners:

REC – Resource Environmental Center

Center for Ecology, Education and Sustainable Development CEKOOR

Source of funding / Donor: FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism