Consultative meeting with representatives from the Entity Ministries held within NEST Project

Meetings within the NEST project, financed by Sweden, were held in Banja Luka 27-29 January.


The meeting between the Entity Ministries representatives was organized with the aim of discussing the level of harmonization between the related Entity-level legislation and their alignment with the EU Directives (EIA, SEA, IED and SEWESO). Harmonization between the Entity and Brčko District legislation is as equally important as its alignment with the EU acquis.


The other meeting was held withing the Working Group tasked with drafting the RS legislation. The progress in implementation of the ongoing activities was discussed, as well as the possible options in the coming processes and the experience that can be used in planning future projects and initiatives. As part of the activities related to the development of the Rulebook on noise, the need for particular caution was noted when it comes to noise, particularly from the technical point of view, in order for the Rulebook to reflect the actual situation on the ground (related to noise monitoring measurements and accreditations).  Activities related to the Law on Nature Protection, FBiH Law on Nature Protection, similarities and differences, advantages, and shortcomings, as well as the degree of implementation and mutual harmonization of the RS and FBiH regulations were also discussed. The good cooperation between the Entities and the commitment to coordinated work on the harmonization of regulations in the Entities were also emphasized.


The meetings were successfully concluded with joint commitment to creating a better environmental protection legal framework at all levels of BiH.


Special appreciation to the Government of Sweden for the support in these important environmental legislation reforms in BiH.