REC brings together an experienced team of staff with many years of experience in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions, the private sector, and international organizations engaged in environmental protection.

Each team member brings special expertise and knowledge that contributes to strategic thinking, planning and implementation of successful projects and activities in different segments. In addition, experience in leadership, effective public participation, project development and design, budgeting, organizational and logistical skills accompanied by work in a multicultural environment, greatly contributes to the organization’s professional capacity.

Stakeholders’ experience and expertise and their involvement in capacity building, awareness raising and environmental management in line with national and international EU standards are part of the team’s capacity gained in national, cross-border and international projects over the last two decades.

A number of external experts cooperating with REC provides a significant basis for the professional implementation of various activities and projects at the highest level of quality.

Knowledge of the functioning of different sectors at the national and regional level, together with the management skills and abilities, communication and relations with people, provides a platform for effective cooperation and dialogue with various actors at the national, regional and international level.