REC has actively participated in the key global, regional, and local processes and contributed to environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in BiH and the region by transferring knowledge and experience.

Core objectives:

Our core objectives aims to achieve results in three key areas that corresponds to the needs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regional priorities and global programs of sustainability:

  • Strengthened environmental governance capacities
  • Improved natural resource management
  • Support and assistance to environmental civil society organizations

Other objectives:

  1. Encouraging and strengthening the role of the public in exercising the constitutional right to a healthy environment and nature and the responsibility arising from it
  2. Participating in the creation, implementation and monitoring of public policies affecting the environment and nature

To attain the set goals, REC implements the following activities:

Strengthening the role of environmental civil society organizations in BiH and the region in the EU accession process (Chapter 27)

Education for sustainable development and environmental outreach

Strengthening the capacities of relevant institutions in better environmental planning and governance in BiH and the region

Strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations through education, training and technical assistance

Creating specific educational tools and printing publications to promote the values of environmental protection, nature and sustainable development

Technical assistance in drafting legislation and its alignment with EU Directives related to Chapter 27

Dialogue, networking, coalition, and partnerships creation in BiH and the region between key stakeholders

Public campaigns to advocate, lobby, outreach, raise awareness and promote good practices

Development of environment-related strategies and planning documents

Promotion of the civil society organizations’ active role in the processes of monitoring and evaluation of environmental policies

Encouraging, strengthening, and promoting public participation in environmental decision-making processes

Support in the implementation of national and relevant international regulations in the field of environmental and nature protection and the implementation of international conventions