REC BiH mission is to contribute to transparency, sustainability, strengthening environmental civil society organizations and European integration through the implementation of projects that build resilience to climate change, promote clean energy solutions, advocate nature protection and sustainable mobility, contribute to cooperation, networking and strengthening environmental governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

REC fulfill its mission via:


  • International information and data exchange on environmental protection;
  • Promoting dialogue and enhancing cooperation between different stakeholders (including governments, international organizations, business sector, civil society organizations and citizens);
  • Strengthening capacities of key experts, decision-makers and civil society organizations;
  • Providing technical and expert assistance to the competent environmental protection ministries in the EU accession process;
  • Supporting free exchange of information and promoting public participation in the decision-making processes concerning environmental protection.


REC strives for an ecologically and socially sustainable society at the local and global level in which citizens, through participation and cooperation, preserve nature and the environment and achieve a high quality of life.